Habit Clip In Hair Extensions

Habit Clip In Hair Extensions

Includes: 1 Clip In Weft

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Habit High Quality Clip In Hair Extensions powered by easihair pro 

Re-designed with YOU in mind!

We offer 3 weft widths:

  • 3″ wide weft
  • 6″ wide weft
  • 9″ wide weft
  • 3 luxurious lengths:

    14″ – 16″ natural tapered length
    18″ – 20″ natural tapered length
    22″ – 24″ natural tapered length

    What does our length range mean?

    Each Weft measures to the fullest at the first number and tapers naturally two inches. This saves you time behind the chair by not needing to cut and blend the extensions into your Client’s biological hair. Our Natural Taper also allows for more options when Seamless Layering.

    Each Habit Clip In Hair Extension color has a delicious name:

    • 1N – Dark Cocoa
    • 3N – Fudgesicle
    • R3N/3N5G – Caramel Brownie
    • R4N/4N5G10CG – Cinnamon Roll
    • 6G/10CG – Boston Cream Pie
    • 7NA11N – Oatmeal Cream Pie
    • R6N/8N12G – Vanilla Cone
    • 8N10N – Pecan Sandie
    • R9N/9N12G – Vanilla Almond Butter
    • 10NB12N – Cocoanut Cream
    • 12G – Vanilla Custard
    • 12N – Whipped Cream
    • R = Rooted – O = Ombre – N = Natural – A = Ash – G = Gold – B = Beige – C = Copper

      Chrissy and team ehp have handcrafted  12  handcrafted colors in solids, dimensional blends, Ombre’s, rooted and rooted blends.  These carefully crafted shades are designed to blend seamlessly while providing you the most “on trend” colors and classic timeless looks.

      Hairdressers, we speak your language which is why we never use wig color codes like 613 or 60! Check out our names:

    • Much like hair color, the salon level and tone is found on every box.
    • In front of the level and tone you may find a letter this is to help you understand they type of color like “R/” which stands for rooted, see the full key below the color list above.
    • Out with the OLD, traditional clip in hair extensions are sold in a 5-piece and 8-piece kits. The problem is you don’t have the option to mix weft sizes or multiple colors to create the custom look YOU want.

      In with the NEW, do you want more length, more volume, or more color…. or do you want it all?

      What a custom look designed for you by Chrissy! All of our clip in wefts are sold individually, or you can shop the Look designed for you by Chrissy:

      1. Partial Volume
      2. Full Volume
      3. Partial Length
      4. Full Length

Need Help? We Got You

Answer a few simple questions about your hair and what you want it to look like – and Chrissy will provide you with  your clip in look, and weft placement customized just for you

Habit Clip In Hair Extensions powered by easihair pro are of the  highest quality and ONLY cuticle in tact remy hair available which perform to salon professional standards.  It’s all about the hair which is why our clip ins are made with 100% Remy Cuticle Intact hair to provide you the most beautiful hair, and long-lasting quality.

Habit Clip In Hair Extensions are hand crafted, designed for ease of use and wearability, available in a wide variety of color and length options, where beauty and performance meet to give you the most incredible experience.

What’s in the box?

Each Habit Clip In Hair Extension box contains (1) Clip In weft. These wefts are rolled and gently placed into a hair net, designed for ease-of-use right out of the box.

We want our hair to be incredibly easy to use which is why treat our hair and your process with love and respect.

Habit Clip In Hair Extension Boxes are compact, stackable, and easy to display in your salon retail area. This 4×4 box features a color view window allowing you to see the color without opening the box. The outer label clearly displaying the weft width, length, salon color level, and hair color name.