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Habit Hair Extensions powered by easihair pro – Quality and Performance 

Habit Hair Extensions powered by easihair pro are handmade to perform and built to last with one goal; making you look and feel remarkable. The Habit ehp promise is 4-fold:

  1. Built to Last: We are the only company in the world to manufacture professional grade clip in hair extension made from cuticle intact remy hair; just like yours.
  2. Safety first: Our handcrafted extension widths are uniquely weighted panels are made by the oldest, most skilled and experienced craftsman with the comfort and safety of your hair in mind.
  3. Custom “Professional Only” Look: We have custom “professional only” looks designed by Chrissy to ensure you get a Salon Quality look at home that fits your beauty wants and needs.
  4. Maximum Creativity: We are the only company which allows you the freedom to affordably customize or enhance our look by adding one or more layers of hair to any of Chrissy looks.

The HABIT Salon

Chrissy Rassmussen owner of Habit Salon has been a stylist and hair extension expert for over 20 years. Since 1997 Habit Salon has been providing the highest level of hairdressing.

Chrissy started on her journey as a hair extension expert when she began custom coloring clip in hair extensions due a lack of color options on the market. She became known for her beautiful colors and the highly recognizable “Habit” Look.

Chrissy holds multiple hair extension certifications and has received numerous accolades such as 2019 Most Influential Hairdresser. Through her years of experience and desire to create a new system, Chrissy and her dedicated Habit Salon Team spent years creating and fine tuning what is popularly known as the Habit Extension Method.

Chrissy and her Habit Salon Team often found it difficult to find a consistent quality product to work with. She constantly encountered problems such as out of stock hair, poor quality, inconsistent colors, and lackluster performance – Chrissy began her search for new product both she, her team, and her clients could rely on.

In working with several companies and putting their hair through the test, the top performing hair extensions and tool manufacturer quickly emerged and the partnership with easihair pro began.

easihair pro is the leader in hair extension manufacturing and education.

Paul Reynolds, easihair pro’s Founder and CEO grew up in the hair manufacturing industry and has a deep seeded passion for creating beautiful quality hair extensions for over 30 years.

Angie Gilmore, Director of Products and Programs at easihair pro and Global Educator, like Chrissy, has been a hairdresser and hair extension expert for over 20 years.

Together through their combined expertise, years of experience and hands-on approach in the factories, they are able to create consistent quality products that support the salon professional and client alike.

With easihair pro as the industry hair manufacturing leaders and Chrissy as the Hand Tied Hair Extension Expert, a partnership was made. Our mission is delivering consistent quality, high performing beautiful products to empower fun, creative, successful Hairdressers. Designed for Clients to look, and feel, like they can do anything!

We believe in inclusion, not exclusivity. Everyone should have access to salon quality products, regardless if you’re a salon professional. Beauty is for everyone.

Chrissy has certified thousands of Hairdressers in the Habit Extension Method – continues to openly share her knowledge, tips and tricks, and encourage a community of highly educated hairdressers through Habit Haircation.

For more information visit www.haircation.com

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